With its highbrow culture and low-key seaside charms, Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, persuades a choosy Parisian to make it his home-away-from-home

By Alexander Lobrano - Wall Street Journal

Sarasota Beaches Snob Appeal

It’s always given the natives a good chuckle—how, that is, middle-aged Americans, of every generation, fall in love with Sarasota as if they were the first to discover the small Florida city an hour south of Tampa. The best way to understand the reasons for this continuously renewed cycle of affection is to do what I do on nearly every trip to Sarasota: Head for Lido Beach, a 10-minute drive from downtown, at the end of the day.
As the sun sinks into the horizon, hungry pelicans dive into the warm dark-green waters, while the beach’s almost talcum-fine…

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