Learn what you need to know about buying a Home or Condo on Longboat Key.

As 20-year residents and the top Michael Saunder's & Company luxury realtor of Longboat key, we know what it's like to want a little paradise.

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But the idea of finding the perfect location and buying a vacation home can seem like an unattainable dream. However, with the correct information, resources, and a good realtor, owning a vacation home on Longboat Key is within reach for many buyers.

We created this guide to give you insight into everything a prospective buyer would like to know about purchasing their dream vacation property in this exclusive island paradise.


Longboat Key, Florida, is one of the most popular vacation hotspots in the United States. The average monthly temperatures are from the mid-80s in winter and…

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Longboat Key is located along Florida's Gulf Coast and a 10-minute drive to Sarasota's downtown. It is an idyllic paradise for those seeking to invest in a home or vacation getaway. Its stunningly beautiful beaches and year-round warm climate provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and adventure.

Whether you are considering buying or selling property on Longboat Key, as a 20-year resident and Longboat Key realtor, we created this guide to provide comprehensive information that can help make your experience enjoyable and successful.

Nestled between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Longboat Key boasts miles of powdery white sand beachfront. From deep sea fishing to golfing to exploring nature preserves, there is something here for everyone…

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The Florida legislature has adopted requirements which mandate that Milestone Inspections and Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS).  It is important that Condo Associations, condo sellers, and condo buyers understand their obligations to comply with this new legislation.

Milestone Inspections

To comply with the new legislation, the Town of Longboat Key requires that all buildings that are three stories or more, and are at least 30 years old, undergo a milestone inspection every ten years. The inspection must be conducted by a licensed engineer or architect. The milestone inspection must evaluate the building's structural integrity, including the roof, walls, foundation, and any other components that support the building.


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Buying a new construction home can be daunting. It's like going into the unknown - it feels overwhelming, and you're unsure where to start. But when it comes to making your dreams of owning a home come true, working with a good realtor or estate agent is an absolute must. That's why they say having an experienced guide on your side is worth its weight in gold.

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Real estate agents bring expertise, negotiating power, and more to the table that could save buyers time and money while searching for their perfect home. From analyzing comparable properties, offering advice on pricing strategy, understanding complex contracts, and providing access to exclusive listings, there are many advantages associated with enlisting the help of a professional realtor.

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 Sarasota Sees New Luxury Condos


Throughout the pandemic, inventory was tight across Sarasota as people sought to move to Florida for its lower taxes and less burdensome Covid restrictions, said Steve Walter, an agent and partner in Walter Group Real Estate based in Longboat Key. Traditionally a second-home market with median prices around $3 million, his area of Sarasota suddenly drew people looking to make a permanent move.

“In 2020 and 2021, people bought throughout what would typically have been our slow season from Easter to Labor Day,” Mr. Walter said. Now, he’s seeing the return to a “more typical seasonally oriented market” where sales decline throughout the…

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Any time there is a condominium or homeowner’s association applicable to a particular property being bought and sold, the title and closing agent should obtain an estoppel letter from the association.

The term estoppel essentially means reliance.

In effect, the title and closing agent is obtaining a formal letter that they can rely upon from the association as to the status of the applicable dues or assessments and ownership aspects with respect to the property governed by the association.  This means that the association will be confirming whether the applicable general dues or assessments have been paid up to date, whether there are any special dues or assessments pending, and whether the…

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