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SR 789's sole link between LBK, Bradenton Beach, and AMI is aging. It needs urgent attention.

Longboat Pass Bridge

The bridge was built in 1957 and last repaired in 2005. It is a vital route for normal travel, but it becomes especially crucial during evacuations.

Unveiling Longboat Pass Bridge's Future

We are presented with options that promise heightened functionality and amplified safety. The coming decision could reshape roads and redefine transit between these coastal communities.

The Imperative for a New Bridge

The Longboat Pass Bridge is aging. It is vital but vulnerable, and it must evolve to meet current and future demands.

The bridge was built in 1957. It now needs updates to stay safe and improve traffic flow.

The bridge aims to…

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How do you know it's Stone Crab Season on Longboat Key?

We were showing a property to clients by boat this afternoon and suddenly realized it’s October 5th.  What’s October 5th, you ask?  It’s 10 days prior to the start of stone crab season; the 1st day traps can be set for the 2023 season.  Mark your calendar – 1st harvest is Sunday, October 15th, when fishermen are permitted to collect their catch and deliver the delicious bounty to wholesalers, restaurants, and fish markets.

Longboat Key, Florida, is a breathtaking destination not only for its beautiful beaches and serene atmosphere but also for the delectable “Longboat Key Florida stone crab season” that arrives every year. The excitement is palpable as the season brings a fresh perspective to…

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We've compiled in this post the bridge clearances between low and high tides for the bridges surrounding Longboat Key and Sarasota County.  We hope our experience as long-time local Longboat Key waterfront realtors will help you become more familiar with Longboat Key Waterfront Real Estate.

John Ringling Causeway Bridge

The Ringling Causeway Bridge connects Sarasota and St. Armands Circle. This bridge has a vertical clearance of 65 ft and a 100 ft horizontal clearance. This bridge is a fixed-span bridge.

John Ringling Causeway Bridge

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, for Longboat Key, the mean high tide level is 1.69, the mean low tide level is 0.42, and the mean tide level is 1.03. On average, the clearance during high tide for Ringling…

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Starting from May 1st and continuing until October 31st every year, numerous endangered sea turtles begin to nest on the beaches of the Town of Longboat Key. To ensure the safety of these nesting females and their hatchlings, the Town has implemented specific Code requirements for beach-front properties and any other properties with visible lights from the beach. These requirements aim to prevent the negative impacts of artificial light, which can distract sea turtles from reaching the Gulf, and any obstructions or hazards that could cause harm or disturbance to the nesting turtles or their hatchlings as they make their way to the Gulf waters.

There are two primary actions that property owners and visitors to Longboat Key can take to help protect these…

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Living on Longboat Key for over 20 years in the Bayview Estates community, we know what island living is all about. Imagine where every day, when the sun rises and sets, you are only minutes away from a beach looking out into the expanse of the Gulf of Mexico or a private boat dock. Longboat Key living is about finding your perfect Zen for the entire day or getting on your boat from your private dock to explore or go fishing.

Longboat Key bayside canal. One of many canal communities private docks.

Aren't you tired of living in a place where freedom is only a dream? Are you longing to break away from the confines of everyday life and move somewhere that celebrates your right to be free? If so, then Longboat Key may be the perfect destination for you.

This beautiful island paradise boasts some of the best…

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What is it like to live on Longboat Key? One Word - Paradise.

Have you ever dreamed of living in paradise? Imagine a place where the sunsets are so beautiful they take your breath away. A place with miles of white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Look no further than Longboat Key – a true slice of heaven on earth!

Longboat Key Florida

Longboat Key is one of those special places where time stands still. Here, life moves at its own pace: peaceful and unhurried. It’s an island with hidden gems, from breathtaking landscapes to award-winning restaurants. Whether you want to relax or explore, there's something here for everyone who wants their freedom back.

Living on the island means having access to all the…

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Great question.  The answer is yes – subject to certain conditions. 

First, it’s important to understand that there are (2) categories of vehicles that are often referred to as ‘golf carts’.

Longboat Key Golf Carts

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles defines the two categories of golf carts:

1.  Unmodified - as-if straight off the golf course and not capable of exceeding 20mph, and
2.  Converted - stock golf carts which have been modified to become Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) with the following accessory equipment
      - Headlamps
      - Front and rear turn signals
      - Stop lamps
      - Tail lamps
      - Reflex reflectors, red – one each side and one on the rear
      - Exterior mirror on the driver side and an interior rear-view mirror or…

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The annual reader-sourced “World’s Best” list invites Travel + Leisure’s audience to vote on the best destinations and experiences worldwide.

Longboat Key New Pass Travel + Leisure

September 15, 2021, Longboat Key, Florida

Travel + Leisure recently ranked Longboat Key as the No. 5 best island in the U.S. in its 2021 “World’s Best” awards. The annual reader-sourced list invites Travel + Leisure’s audience to vote on the best destinations and experiences worldwide. The awards honor the top travel destinations, hotels, companies, and, for the first time this year, national parks. Normally released in August, Travel + Leisure moved the issue to October to allow for more time given the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Longboat Key, which straddles both Sarasota and Manatee…

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