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Because most luxury home buyers reside elsewhere for some portion of the year, it is important to have a mechanism to grab their attention and establish a dialogue. There has never been a better time to reach these passive buyers – if you know how. But how do we connect with prospective buyers that aren’t actively looking? Easy. Internet. We don’t target individuals at the ‘Attention’ stage (because they’re still in the shadows). Instead, we leverage technology to target behaviors that suggest characteristics common to luxury home/condo buyers.

Much like we used to reach those buyers via hard-copy periodicals that are read by the affluent (WSJ, Town & Country, Robb Report, Travel & Leisure,…), we can now reach that audience on a pay-per-impression basis. We pay to gain access to buyers based on how they behave on the web.  We’ve seen thousands of times per month people that search the internet using phrases that indicate they may be interested in learning more about your property.  For example:

- ‘Longboat Key Florida Real Estate For Sale’
- ‘Bay Isles waterfront homes for sale’
- ‘Sarasota boat and golf communities’
- ‘Longboat Key luxury pool home’

Do you have a team that knows how to pop up on the computer screen of a busy executive in Chicago that is getting more serious about retirement and has just typed into Google: ‘Bay Isles waterfront homes for sale’?  If not, we can share what we do to get results.  We’re experts at leveraging technology to make buyers out of browsers.

Here’s the process that every transaction follows:

  • Get the prospect's attention – ‘I hadn’t considered LBK as a place I might want to own a home or condo.’
    • Targeting audiences that may be passively interested.
    • Content communicates the benefits of exploring our area (Arts, dining, beaches, golf, boating/fishing,...).
    • Campaign messaging to regional Geographies (e.g., midwest or northeastern US) or cities with non-stop flights to SRQ
  • Establish a dialogue to understand buyers’ desires – ‘If I became aware of something that met my needs, I’d take a look'
    • Buyers may have signed up for our newsletter or visited an open house while on vacation.
    • If we can interact personally, we ask the buyer what they like.
    • If we do not have a personal relationship, we infer interests by logging what the prospect tends to read from our email newsletters of return website visits. If the prospective buyer looks exclusively at condos between $1mm to $3mm, we provide more information that will be relevant based on that behavior.
  • Provide specific information on properties that fit the prospects’ criteria – ‘I wish I better understood the market, available listings, price points, and had someone to help.’
    • We know what the buyer is looking for.
    • The buyer knows us and trusts our ability to work on their behalf.
    • We offer our MLS property search tools to prospective buyers inclined to self-service.
    • Based on an intimate understanding of what’s available, what’s newly listed, and what has recently sold, fitting those criteria, we suggest hand-picked and highly relevant information that we know will interest the prospective buyer.
    • We engage directly with the buyer to understand the likes/dislikes of the suggested properties and further refine buying criteria.
  • Identify the short-list of potential properties – ‘I’m going to buy a home on LBK in the next year.’
    • Property criteria, budget, and timeline are established.
    • We conduct pre-viewings, provide detailed information, and get answers to any questions related to the properties under consideration.
    • We schedule showings and live video walk-throughs and facilitate collecting information necessary for the buyer to feel comfortable with the property.
  • Complete the sale/purchase – ‘I want to own 1313 Bay Isles Parkway.’
    • Thoroughly evaluate the subject property.
    • Analyze comparable properties and help establish the tenets of an offer to purchase.
    • Write and submit the offer.
    • Address any objections and negotiate terms
    • Administer contingencies
    • Coordinate closing


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